Our Services

Land Preparation

Land ripping with capacity up to 1.8 m, smoothing, and soil amendments. Weather stations; land mapping; drone surveys.

Irrigation Projects

From pumping and filtering stations to drip and micro sprinklers as well as system automation and solar panels.


Market studies and advising on the best varieties. GPS guided planting, including tie & train.


Each almond exists because a bee visited an almond blossom. Between February and March the bees look for pollen and, each flower they land on, will form an almond.


We use advanced technology, without damaging the plant, the fruit or the land. We also take care of transportation, hulling and shelling, up to the distribution channels.

Farm Management

Supervision and daily care; technical assistance; consultancy; precision agriculture. Includes pruning, suckering, sanitation, irrigation, chemicals, laboratory, etc.